One Tivoli down

It was really short this morning, but tonight…

almost finishedDone!

It’s done! Grumperina’s Tivoli t-shirt pattern. Red Heart acrylic from my stash, U.S. 9 needles, 16 sts/4″. Modified by a wider neck, yarnover increases, and short-row bust shaping. Fast, easy, and my pics to the contrary, quite attractive on. One of the best things about circular projects is that they are easier to randomly pick up and put down, essential for new mommy knitters!

I plan to make another from nicer stash yarn, but am also planning a trip to Tuesday Morning to see if they have Cotton-Ease. My oldest niece has asked for one, too, and I think it could be resized for the munchkin…

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3 thoughts on “One Tivoli down

  1. Goofy Goober

    going to Tuesday Morning on Tuesday morning! wheeee! Frappuccino high!

  2. Tracy

    I have just ‘found’ this t-shirt pattern and would also love to make one (although I am quite a bit bigger than the 39″ size, so it might be for someone else!). I see you added bust darts. I love doing that on things I have made from bottom up, but haven’t yet on a top-down item. Do you have any advice/suggestions on doing that? I need more length to cover my bust, but I don’t need more width elsewhere, so I love putting in the bust darts!

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