A pause

I took a week off at the beginning of January, and it did help. What helps more is not having any classes this semester! Mom and I cleared out the office for Noodle Girl’s new room and rearranged the living room. My parents bought new carpet and paint for her room – blue – and Mom painted it. The bedding set Noodle Girl picked out goes perfectly! She was so excited that she slept in her own big bed (twin size) for a few nights. Actually, if I put her in her bed after she falls asleep in mine, she stays in there all night.

I still don’t want to go back to work every other day or so, still not up to dealing with the public. Another job would be fabulous, but the only ones available for my qualifications in this area are more of the same or candidates for Dirty Jobs. Which would be okay if the pay were better. It isn’t, not by enough to be worth it. Dratted economy anyway. It’s too expensive to move where the jobs are, especially in child care. And don’t get me started on housing!

It isn’t really the job, though. It’s winter dark and (occasionally) chilly, my defective endocrine system, and the medication to regulate said endocrine system. Most people don’t really think of mental illness as an endocrine malfunction, but I suspect it’s that as often as it’s a receptor malfunction or brain disorder. My glands don’t secrete what they’re supposed to when they should, or something. Adding birth control pills has screwed up the near-balance I had with the Depakote and Lexapro; I’m crabby, tired, and slightly achy when I get up in the morning. It’s the same way I feel after a bad night’s sleep or a too-short nap. And I still want to hibernate.

I hate winter!

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