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* Say bye-bye to the craft journal! Since Valerie was born, I've been trying to make things easier on myself. Therefore, crafty activity will be journaled in the amazing WordPress-powered Family Gal Journal from here on out.
* Crafting with a baby happens in short, random bursts. But it does happen. I finished the Shapely Tank I started back before I got pregnant, and made a baby hat, shrug, and booties. Now I'm working on a baby dress in TLC Cotton Plus and a cell phone pouch in this coppery metallic DMC Senso thread, which I rather like. It's a good size for socks, and they have several cotton blends in the Senso line, including one with microfiber that is gonna make great socks if I ever get around to it. There are also several bead projects I hope to finish up as the baby becomes more self-entertaining and hungry less often.
There are some new crafty blogs to your right that are great and worth checking out. So what're you waiting for?
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