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Welcome to my home on the internet! It's best viewed in IE 5.x or greater, Netscape 6 or greater, or a reasonably new Mozilla. The color scheme is "calm", the layout is CSS-based multicolumn floating. Navigate using the button at the top. The content is widely varied and most of it is updated about every two months. I hope to soon use my fledgeling PHP skills to add some more interactiveness to the site.


6/19/05: The Craft Journal is gone, its subject matter to be blogged in the main Family Gal journal. The Family Gal Journal has moved, and is no longer done 'by hand' - who has time, with a baby? The old journal entries will remain in the original archives, more for my benefit than anything.

2/28/05: I think we've adjusted to having our little munchkin around. In the spirit of change, the site has new colors, some content shuffling in progress, and some renaming ('rebranding'?).

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